1. rockwilder's Avatar
    I'm trying to set up my work email through exchange activesync.

    I have my username, password, server address, etc. I dont have the port number but 443 is the default. I leave the domain field blank.

    When i put in the server address, if i include the 'https://' it doesnt work saying the server is unresponsive. If i just put in the address as xx.xxxxxxx.com it works and lets me pick what i want to sync (emails, contacts, etc). When i finish selecting those options and move on to the next step it starts loading and then gives the error message "There has been an unexpected error and the operation was cancelled".

    I set it up this way on my Torch and it worked fine, i even double checked the settings from my old BIS account which i accessed from Redirect to the right page.

    Anyone know what the issue is? When i set it up on my torch, i did it through USB.
    02-16-13 08:47 PM
  2. Andrew N's Avatar
    02-21-13 11:36 AM
  3. FBA's Avatar
    You have to enter the domain name...and if that doesn't work, try it without the extension. I had to do that after having the exact same issues.
    02-21-13 01:45 PM

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