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    I broke my screen so I bought a new one, came with the whole front housing assembly. just switch out the back and the main board. So I switched those out and my Z10 was working again. 2 days later it just quits while scrolling through a website. no more scrolling, no touch would work, but display was still there, power button worked still. so I got a replacement screen from the warranty and switched it out today because they told me that it was most likely a manufacturer defect. Well the new one comes on looks nice, but nothing when my fingers slide around it. I contacted them back because they told me it was for the Verizon model and I said my original screen was the 001 model, they told me these are the 002 models. So if I get a 001 model will it work? Or did I fry a chip on the board from having a 002 model screen on? Any help would be appreciated an TY.
    10-14-16 07:44 PM

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