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    I have been waiting for the Q10 to hit the shelves in the US. I love physical keyboards but I am still thinking about trying out theZ10.

    My question is when you are using the virtual keyboard on your Z10 how much screen/real-estate is left??? I misplaced my torch and asked a friend if I could use their iPhone to send an email, OMG when the keyboard came up it was a joke. It was almost impossible to type out my message and there was not much screen left while using the keyboard.

    I did stop by AT&T to try out the Z10 but did not pay attention to the screen once I accessed the keyboard. I want to compare the Z10 and Q10 screen while using the keyboard.

    I send a lot of emails so this is a really important point for me.
    04-26-13 07:29 PM
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    Well, more than half of screen remains after the keyboard shows up. But it is not and does not need to be visible at all times. You get that choice that you don't get with physical keyboard devices - when you want to read/look at stuff more than type text.

    For me, also, the option of landscape keyboard is a good one because it is even wider than physical - and that is good for my "imprecise" thumbs. I must say that z10 has me converted, though and much of the time i do type in portrait because it's keyboard just reads my mind anyway. I rarely go to landscape just to type.

    So, no, it is not a joke. It is a tradeoff. Had the on screen keyboard been smaller it would have been harder to type and enough screen is still there to see what you are typing.

    If you are a content producer (type a lot) then Q10 is probably better for you (unless you're like me - i love proper physical keyboards, will never replace my IBM clickety one for anything, but u can type faster on my z10 than wife's 9900.

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    04-26-13 07:39 PM
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    Screen real estate on Z10-img_00000282.png
    Here yah go

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    04-26-13 07:53 PM
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    Can I have my cup of coffee back now?

    I used to love the Bold 9900 but the Z10 keyboard is amazing! It does take some time to get used to the virtual keyboard and once it gets adjusted to your vocabulary, typing/swyping is very fast! I'm now typing much faster on my Z10 than the Bold 9900.

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    Here yah go

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    04-26-13 09:13 PM
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    ...thread moved and renamed accordingly.
    05-01-13 01:02 PM

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