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    Today I've had "fun" with my Z10 for the Past 4 hours I've been downloading different leaks onto my phone upgrading and down grading it . All because I accidentally turned on reader mode with out knowing. And since I always have my phone on mute I had no idea it was reading to me . So I started to freak out a bit when I was at work ,since I wasn't able to get past the lock screen, I thought my touch screen was broken. I did a couple restarts and battery pulls and still couldn't get passed my lock screen. I then started blaming my problem on an android app I had downloaded early today, I thought it had caused my problem. And so once I got home I spent the next 4 hours trying different software versions but to no luck. Since I did a backup to save my contacts before and every time I tried a new software version I would restore my setting....So unknowingly I was leaving reader mode on and my phone on slient. It wasn't until I was about to give up. I tried an older back up from a couple months ago and I noticed that my phone was "talking" to me.... I then quickly realized it was reader mode........Lets just say that wasn't my proudest moment.
    Oh well at least my Z10 still works and almost back to normal.
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    01-21-14 10:52 PM
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    I think you mean screen reader and next time, tap the top button 3 times quickly. It enables and disables screen reader but of course, you only know that if you can hear the phone lol.
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    01-21-14 11:00 PM
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    What a relief lol Good to hear you figured it out.

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    01-21-14 11:02 PM

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