1. FranRamos's Avatar
    I dont have an unlimited data plan. In fact, I have no plan at all..i just get charged 3 eurocents/ MB. I always turn this off on my phone because when i first got it it seemed like it did a lot of background surfing and i got charged a whole lot. Anyone else have my phobia of turning on the Z10 mobile data option?
    02-09-14 08:49 AM
  2. akawarrior's Avatar
    I have an unlimited data so no big deal but my wife does and it is a package of 3gigs per month for $20 bucks. She has yet to go over. She is not on the net much. Downloading, picture loading and streaming is the data part just sitting attached to a web page uses little. Work around is to use WIFI and leave data off. As long as you are connected to wifi you wont us mobile network data and you can surf and stream all you want with no data charges. If I were you I would go talk to your carrier about a small data plan package. The way you are doing it by the MEG will kill your wallet. Always pick a plan, you pay on the front end but save on the value of spent data. Good Luck.. WIFI is much faster too.

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    02-09-14 11:38 AM

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