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    From a long time user of many types of BlackBerry devices and now a Z10 owner my biggest complaint is with saving emails to the Remember app. All of my other Blackberries had a simple "Paste and Copy" format but for some reason the "Best" doesn't. I love my phone but this getting on my nerves. I've tried and successfully done the hold down process to move (paste) the email into the Remember but it has to be perfected so be more fluid.

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    05-03-13 08:21 PM
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    What os are you on? Think they fixed that on 10.1

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    05-03-13 08:27 PM
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    No need to start multiple threads: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...member-802532/

    Thank you.
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    05-03-13 08:29 PM

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