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    I was in a Rogers store yesterday (looking for information on NextBox remote for the Z10). While waiting for the rep, I thought I would look at the "Live" Rogers Z10 (I'm on Bell). When I swiped up, it didn't come to life. I hit the power button; nothing happened. Press and hold button and the reset/power off screen comes up; clearly the phone was "Awake". Tried swiping a couple more times, then reset the phone. After a reboot, it worked fine, but had not been updated...

    My thought: There was a security button attached to the top-left portion of the screen (yes, the screen). Could that have caused a "Touch" input that kept the screen from waking up?

    Your thoughts?

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    04-19-13 10:52 AM
  2. z10fido's Avatar
    I have personally seen 3/4 z10s on Vancouver craigslist for sale missing the battery door. I don't blame them for the security on the front side

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    04-19-13 01:23 PM
  3. IFytFyrs's Avatar
    Oh, I understand the need for a security device, but bonding it to the touch screen? There must be a better way. If, as I hypothesized, it is interfering with the function of the phone... If you were shopping for a phone and came upon one at the store that appeared crashed, how likely would you be to buy it?

    Perhaps the problem would go away with the software update?

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    04-19-13 02:05 PM

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