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    I downloaded a ringtone and it is in my music folder and when I try to play "all music" it plays the ringtone as well. I tried moving the ringtone to another folder other than music, but then my ringtone reverts to the old ringtone, like I deleted it or something. My ringtone only seems to work as my ringtone if I keep it in my music folder. I don't want my ringtone to play when I play my music list. The only way I can get it to not play is to make up a playlist without this ringtone. But what if I just want to play all the music on my phone, which is what I do often? Why isn't there a "ringtone" folder? Am I doing something wrong?

    12-18-13 09:31 AM
  2. the_igg's Avatar
    This has been addressed in another thread. But I'll be nice and tell you how to go around me. Put that ringtone into your the folder named "voice". You can either do this through the file manager or by plugging your phone into a computer. It will not appear when you play your music after that. I can vouch for this as I have done this myself and it works. Just a friendly reminder, try to search for an answer first before starting a new thread. Thanks.
    12-18-13 09:40 AM
  3. leticeberry's Avatar
    I appreciate your reply. I did search for the answer before making this thread, but didn't find it. Sorry.
    12-18-13 10:40 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I think you might also be able to get around the issue by placing it in another folder but then go back to Notifications and BROWSE for additional music/tones and maneuver to the folder where you placed that ringtone.
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    12-18-13 10:50 AM

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