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    Hi everyone,

    I pretty much don't understand what's going on with two of my Z10 that I had recently replaced the housing due to scratches and dents.

    I bought 3 full housing on eBay, had no problem replacing them since I found very good instructions on a Youtube video. The problem is that both Z10 don't have the power button working. Before you ask me, yes the wire for the power button is connected correctly. The fact is that after the replacement both Z10 had the power button stop working.

    Before i throw them in the garbage I ordered another new OEM full housing from eBay and hope this time it will work.

    My question here is, did anyone had their Z10 housing replaced from an eBay and encountered the same problem? First i thought it could be a defect on the housing power button, but 3 of them didn't work and i also tried to use the original one from my first Z10 and nothing..

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    01-22-14 04:25 PM
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    can you please link the housing from ebay and youtube vid you used?
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    01-22-14 05:02 PM
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    01-22-14 05:08 PM

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