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    Hello und Hallo! I'm from Germany and have my Z10 when it was available at amazon since the first day. I love it and have it with me every day and I am also more years with my / a Blackberry! But after half a year I have also, despite protective cover sheet and unfortunately lots of scratches. On the question of whether it would be possible to have the screen frame and housing exchange on Blackberry, they told me, to contact my reseller; "We do not have this information Please contact your mobile network provider or point of sale for options ^ BBS..." and when I contacted Amazon, only the information that I should still contact the manufacturer. I want to have a scratch-free BlackBerry again, without any warranty claims. The parts do not seem to be so expensive (The frame around 3 euros and housing around 30 euros). Has anyone experience with it? Thank you in advance! DankeschŲn im Vorraus!
    08-03-13 07:16 AM
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    comestic defects are not covered by warranty only way to fix it is to get it done by a mobile phone repair shop who will charge or do it your self

    i could do housing replacements pretty easily on legacy devices but with the new bb10 devices i dont touch digitlizers so im being extra careful i dont scratch it up but yeah only option is a 3rd party repair shop if they have those where you live otherwise you're only real option is to try and break the device in a way that the warranty covers it (which isnt advisable) even then i once sent a broken device to my carrier which in mint condition (which had a fault not caused by me ) got a refurb back with a scratched screen lol

    oh and these 3rd party mobile repair shops will void your warranty as they are not blackberry approved unless you can find a blackberry approved one of course
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    08-03-13 07:33 AM
  3. Baconwich's Avatar
    Screen is replaceable, but the whole thing is essentially one piece, which costs around $200 and is kinda tricky to install properly. I tried swapping one from a black body to the white and tore the ribbon cable. It's really delicate.

    You can find parts at etradesupply or n4bb, though the screen I got from n4 has quite a few dead pixels. Along with the white body I got off eBay, I think a lot of the parts out there might be cosmetic defects that didn't pass QA.

    "In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."
    08-03-13 09:57 AM
  4. starafrican246's Avatar
    Its quite easy, i have done it quite a few times, please check youtube.com, no heat required
    01-22-14 10:33 AM

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