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    After months of fussing and reading the many tips in this forum, I have finally gotten Remote File Access to work. My question now is about the actual view of my desktop seen on my Z10. The Z10 screen shows a list (or grid, if you choose) of every folder and file that's on my desktop. What I'm needing it to do, if it can, is display and actual picture of what I would be looking at if I were sitting in front of my desktop, as opposed to a list of files and folders that are on my desktop.

    The reason why this is important is, I use a program to access my desktop from my laptop, where it's easier to get things done remotely compared to accessing through the Z10, because of screen size. Every now and then, the program (called Team Viewer) seems to reboot itself on the desktop, generating a new password that appears on the desktop screen, but not as a file. My laptop then asks me to enter the new password appearing on the desktop screen so that I can access the desktop, but I can't see the screen. The proverbial Catch-22.

    The solution would be to have Remote File Access let me see the actual screen I'd be looking at if I were in front of my desktop, as opposed to just a list of files and folders. Hope that all makes sense. Any ideas? Thanks....
    03-01-14 06:10 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    You're not talking about Remote File Access, you are talking about something like Crossloop or whatever that let's you control your desktop. Never heard of an app for the phone like that.
    03-01-14 06:49 AM
  3. kazmi's Avatar
    There's a remote desktop app that's built for BlackBerry in BlackBerry World..know a few IT folks who say it works pretty well. I haven't personally used it. It's not free though.

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-14 07:03 AM
    There is many remote desktop apps.

    Splash top / 2x client / access to go
    03-01-14 07:09 AM

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