1. SackHarry's Avatar
    my z10 is stuck on the loading screen where the blackberry logo is, where u hold the logo and the percent pops up? it keeps saying 100% but won't go past here. and when i press it, after like 20 seconds it shows the percent.
    i did not do a battery pull because i don't want to brick my phone, what should i do here?
    12-08-13 02:32 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Do NOT remove the battery. All I can do is suggest you try waiting it out. Mine stalled the other day at 98 and then 99%. But after hours it never moved. I pressed both Vol buttons but it only repeated the process to again stall.

    It took me 18 hours to finally get something to work and I am sure it was dumb luck since I had already called my carrier and they authorized a replacement.

    Let's see if anyone has better ideas. But in the mean time - wait it out for another hour or so.
    12-08-13 03:46 PM

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