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    So I know no concrete dates have been confirmed for anything, so let's just get this out of the way. As excited as I am, I'm not gonna wrack my brain with what ifs. I'd rather just wait and be patient for the most part. But taking part in these contests, and reading the fine print, it did lead to some interest questions that maybe so of you with carrier experience can help me understand.

    So none of the contests I've come across for the BB10 phones specify carrier support, or exclusion because a certain carrier wouldn't be carrying the phone till a later date. And reading the BB10NYC rules, you see that it clearly states, you have to be there physically to receive the physical phone.

    So my questions are this.

    1.) Does this mean that RIM, or even Crackberry for that matter, be giving out unlocked phones?

    2) Sprint, at the moment, has been reported as saying later this year. So if this is true, what would a Sprint winner get for instance?

    3) Similar to the 2nd question. If no carriers release immediately [that day], does that mean that winners get to use and flaunt their phones early? Or does that mean they get one and have to activate later?

    The contests really made me think about all these things, and I don't know how carriers operate behind the scenes. For instance, is it even possible to activate a phone before it's officially on a network? Thanks ahead of time you guys. Knowledge is very key to understanding, so I love clarity.
    01-12-13 03:19 PM
  2. PlaybookFanatic's Avatar
    Or even more curious, will the winners be getting unlocked phones? This just clicked in my head.
    01-13-13 03:21 PM

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