1. tkgafs's Avatar
    I have a Z10 on EE network in uk, I have 2 contacts who are using iphones on O2 network

    when they send me a picture message I dont receive it directly but get sent a message with a username and password to download the picture from Video and picture messaging

    I presume I must have an mms setting wrong on my phone but dont know what, could anybody suggest what I may need to change

    It is a work phone managed through BES could this have any bearing on the issue
    05-04-15 03:14 PM
  2. der_mit's Avatar
    Try this,

    Send yourself a picture message by mms, from your phone to your phone,
    I remember that that's the way to get it working

    Let us know if that works.

    Posted via CB10
    05-04-15 04:09 PM
  3. tkgafs's Avatar
    Just tried it, and it does the same thing asking me to download the image from orange using the username and password it supplies, very peculiar
    05-05-15 03:50 AM
  4. tkgafs's Avatar
    found the following on the EE site https://setuporange.wdsglobal.com/mm...e&phoneId=5292

    Photo Messaging setup
    Thank you.
    Please follow the instructions below to complete setup.

    Select Text Messages > Menu > Settings > Text Messages > MMS (tab) > Advanced or Advanced icon.
    In the APN Settings section, enter eezone as the Access Point Name (APN)
    Enter the Username and Password listed below, if no value is given please leave the field blank: -
    Username: eesecure
    Password: secure
    In the MMSC Settings section, enter http://mms/ as the MMSC URL.
    Enter as the Proxy URL.
    Press Save or the Save icon.

    Your settings have been saved and are ready for use.

    which matches the settings on the phone
    05-05-15 04:05 AM
  5. tkgafs's Avatar
    I got it fixed EE had to enable the facilty on my phone number, presumably as part of our business contract it is disabled by default
    05-05-15 04:52 AM
  6. der_mit's Avatar
    Good stuff.

    Posted via CB10
    05-05-15 06:50 AM

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