03-02-14 10:30 AM
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  1. Curtas's Avatar
    I got my z10 for the bb10. Brand loyalty wasn't there. I even promised myself when I had a bold I would never get another BlackBerry again. When I was looking at phones to upgrade my Motorola atrix 4g I was looking for an upgrade. An iPhone was out of the question (they are too boring for me), and another android could have worked. When I saw this new os that no one has came close to, all of the gestures to travel through your phone with ease. That's when I knew this is the one. having all of my messages be peakable while doing anything is awesome. I didn't want a huge screen and the size is perfect. There isn't many apps but I found myself not needing them, and if I do I have an ipod touch. This device is an awesome upgrade.

    Posted via CB10
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    11-02-13 06:12 PM
  2. Alfredofid's Avatar
    I chose a Z10 first for feel, and then a keeper after a hours use!

    Proudly posted by an Essex Lad with Z10
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    11-02-13 06:16 PM
  3. Sheaner19's Avatar
    New question is should I go for z30!?

    Posted via CB10
    The Z30 is a sick device! To.answer your question yes you should! Upgraded from Z10. Mind you the Z10 is a fantastic device. But the Z30 is 4x so much fanstasticur. I created a new word!

    IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!
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    02-01-14 04:25 PM
  4. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    I think the Z10 is an outstanding phone and I'm loyal to BlackBerry.

    I know that I don't want an iPhone. It's not quite as capable for my needs as other devices. I travel a lot and work a lot, so I need something that means business. Z10 also has a fun side with the full screen, powerful OS, etc. I don't want to have to carry a separate device for music, videos, etc., and the Z10 delivers. The HDMI out support is awesome & something that I got used to with my PlayBook. I also need a device with a removable battery, so no iPhone for me.

    Android devices, in my opinion, don't seem quite as polished. I find the OS to be confusing and all over the place.

    In summary, the Z10 is an incredible phone. I examined the specs before I made the purchase. I also like the BlackBerry brand, despite what others in the US may think. It was a great combination for me to get this awesome device from BlackBerry.

    Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.
    02-01-14 04:48 PM
  5. poisonfree's Avatar
    Better phone compared to iphone. Voice is much better!! Email works and YES there is a stock calendar which works like a charm. The device has the right size and is not so slippery as the iPhone.

    Posted via CB10
    02-01-14 06:41 PM
  6. Sheaner19's Avatar
    Better phone compared to iphone. Voice is much better!! Email works and YES there is a stock calendar which works like a charm. The device has the right size and is not so slippery as the iPhone.

    Posted via CB10
    It's not as cheaply designed as the iPhone too! Try dropping an iPhone on ground. BlackBerry has always been about quality. They are very rugged and durable!

    IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!
    02-01-14 07:14 PM
  7. Sheaner19's Avatar
    IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!
    02-01-14 07:18 PM
  8. kfehling's Avatar
    Welcome. I really have no brand loyalty as this is my first BBerry. I'm with T-Mo usa, so also looked at Nokia/WP, HTC One and iPhone. iPhone would not allow wifi-calling and I hate Apple's "lock-out" mentality. HTC, like Apple, had no SD slot and no changeable battery. I need wifi-calling, removable SD and removable battery. That left the Z10 and the Nokia. However, the real bottom line was, of ALL the phones I tested I just liked the feel and setup of the Z10 best of all, so it was just a huge plus that it also met my other demands. The Z10 keyboard is unmatched and the hub is brilliant. So, IMHO, it is clearly the best smart phone out there. Again, zero brand loyalty.

    Absolutely agree with Scrannel.
    02-01-14 08:38 PM
  9. crazigee's Avatar
    Definitely a bit of both.

    Got my first BlackBerry years ago when I worked for Bell, and I've had a BlackBerry since then. After Bell even went on to work on a BlackBerry project team.

    BB10 also definitely better at some things. Email is one of them for sure. So is instant messaging in BBM. The soft keyboard on the Z10 is way better than either the iPhone or the GS4, and I've played with both quite a bit.

    With each upgrade the OS is getting better and better. I long for the days when people picked BlackBerry only because it was best in every category. I think, and hope, they can get back there.

    Posted using my Z10 via CB10
    02-01-14 09:05 PM
  10. Earl Sargent's Avatar
    Definitely no loyalty to at&t

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    02-10-14 01:13 PM
  11. tickerguy's Avatar
    The Z10 was my first BlackBerry.

    You would have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers -- and I've been a long-time Android user (back to before Froyo!)
    02-10-14 01:23 PM
  12. stevovr's Avatar
    Win mobile to symbian to win mobile to win phone to Android to z10. Got tired of Google taking more. So far the nicest OS in 15 years. Just works. Replaceable battery, sd card, excellent screen , very good audio chip, good camera

    Steve/Boanerges Performance
    02-10-14 02:33 PM
  13. davepett's Avatar
    Price ($300CDN unlocked/new off the web) and features (microSD, replaceable battery, HUB). Phone has been solid.
    02-10-14 02:44 PM
  14. Deadmunny's Avatar
    In the words of Tina Turner

    "It's simply the best "

    Jeez that was scary...i always commend the fantastic intuitive keyboard and noticed after typing "Tina", Turner appeared on the fret?? Pretty sure I have never typed Tina Turner before and after typing in "simply" the words "the" & "best" appeared also....maybe it would do this on other phones but I am still impressed.....

    Digicel Jamaica Official10.2.1.1925 release
    02-10-14 07:21 PM
  15. Ferrari430Spider's Avatar
    As far as messaging and hub is concerned, you cannot mess with the Z10

    It is the dogs danglys without a shadow of a doubt.

    Best phone for messaging IMO

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-14 07:56 PM
  16. PALeafs67's Avatar
    Loyalty loyalty loyalty loyalty oh ! and did I say loyalty not to mention design and gotta love the OS.....🆒

    Posted from my Dell Venue 8 16g tab
    02-10-14 08:23 PM
  17. zed_10's Avatar
    Have to say both....in my opinion, BlackBerry has produced better phones to suit my needs, thus brand loyalty...would be awful silly if I had brand loyalty to a product that I felt was inferior....

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-14 08:26 PM
  18. mig1234's Avatar
    Better phone

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-14 08:48 PM
  19. officially_juju's Avatar
    A mixture of both. I honestly love the phone because it just feels more productive than the other phones. I loved my Bold 9930 but went back to iPhone because it just lacked so much and I was envious of my friends' phones.
    Now with BB10 I have all I need! With Android and great BB10 apps I don't want any other platform. It's the perfect phone, IMO.
    02-10-14 08:50 PM
  20. TightDebbie's Avatar
    It's a better phone. BlackBerry actually works. And it's for a mature audience.

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-14 08:54 PM
  21. boimagma24's Avatar
    Both. Been on bb since '06. And with the upgrade to BB10..only issue i have is battery. Z10 cannot last until 5pm thats from a morning full charge. I wish bb could do something about this. (without upgrading to a new bb phone)

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-14 08:18 PM
  22. nuangel2's Avatar
    i have had my z10 for almost 1 yr .its been solid.i love it and each os upgrade makes it better
    02-25-14 10:21 PM
  23. sid89's Avatar
    Have been having the z10 since day one of it's launch and i love the phone despite of many niggling issues. I was promptly replaced with a new z10 by Redington India service center when my z10 bricked after software update and this gesture of them makes my confidence on the brand more stronger thus staying loyal to the brand. Yes I love my z10 and it's a great phone!!!!

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-14 11:37 PM
  24. dannejanne's Avatar
    Certainly not for brand loyalty as the Z10 is my first BB ever. Didn't really know much at all about BB until I happened to see the Z10. BB is pretty much non existant in Sweden.

    I use it because I love it. Not that it necessarily is a "better" phone but because it suits my needs today better than any other phone does. Those needs are communication.

    I find I do all sorts of unecessary stuff when having an Android. Like switching launchers, customizing this and that. To what point really? In the end it's just time consuming and eats up a lot of my time that I can spend with better things. My phone usage has "matured" and settled. So BB suits me perfectly at this point in time.
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    02-25-14 11:45 PM
  25. Coffee Shampoo's Avatar
    At the start it was brand loyalty since the phone lacked so many features and apps, with time and updates it's become one of the best phones I've ever used!

    Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E
    02-25-14 11:51 PM
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