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    I just had my third random reboot (that I've caught, anyway). Had just closed Hub after reading a text. Set it down and maybe 2-3 minutes later I watched the screen go into the reboot mode. I've had my Z just under a month now. AT&T device on .822. The only thing I've done new was d/l MapSearch tonight. That was my first app d/l, too. Maybe 10.1 will solve it although all my past Berries experienced random reboots at some time or another. My 9700 only did once every 3-4 months but it was always at the most inoportune (sp?) time, most of the time while on a call. Still not enough to make me give it up, though. I love the Z. And then again, all devices regardless of maker and software has issues of some kind or another. It's the 'cost of doing business' IMO. My $.02
    04-24-13 09:16 PM
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    Reading all these reboot threads leads me to believe there is more than one issue at play because there have been different solutions for some people and not for others. For example one person found there battery didn?t quite fit perfectly and changing it solved their problem. Others have said their batteries fit perfectly. Some people have had success with deleting apps. Other people don't have anything but stock apps and are still rebooting.

    From BlackBerry's point of view this will make it a lot harder to diagnose. If it's just one issue its easy. If it's a combination of issues or different issues - nightmare. I sincerely hope they have many of the issues solved by the time 10.1 releases. I am very afraid that they won't have solved them all though.

    When I worked in the car industry the mechanics would always rather work on a failed transmission than attempt to trace an electrical problem or, the worst horror, an intermittent rattle in the dash.

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    Here is a little background on me first...

    Like many of you, I have worked in the wireless communications industry for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. I heald positions ranging from Customer Care all the way to Business Account Executive and have handle all sorts Blackberry support issues. Many of which I worked hand in hand with RIM on. Cetainly doesn't mean I know everything...I sure don't, but like to think it counts for something.

    Here is what I have noticed...

    I have had my Verizon Z10 since launch day. The first one I had rebooted 3 times a day, so I returned it and they gladly swapped it out. The new one was fine for a week, then started rebooting about once a day. I installed the leaked AT&T 10.0.10 OS and it did better, but still rebooted from time to time. I then installed the first leak of 10.1 for STL 100-4. It was better as well, but reboots we more comon when actually using the phone. Then came yet another 10.1 leak, so I installed that...reboots were far more often. I was seeing about 4 to 5 a day. So, with all that, I reloaded the stock Verizon OS. After reinstalling the phone has been much more stable for the past week or so. I had one freeze up while texting that lead to a reboot the other day, but that's one reboot in 5 or 6 days of use.

    For those of you saying that you have not been getting reboots...you may just not be noticing them. They happen randomly and most of the time when you aren't using the phone. Here is a little test you can run to see if you are get ting reboots...

    Evertime you shut the screen off on your BB Z10, leave the HUB or your email open on the screen. When you comeback to your phone, if it's still on the HUB or email screen your device has not rebooted. However, if when you unlock your Z10 it is on the main screen with all the apps, your Z10 has rebooted.

    That is how I tracked mine.

    Bottom line is that the reboots are software related. From my testing of the different OS leaks on my device and the varied amount of random reboots with each OS version, I am almost certain. However, I have noticed some users gave loose batteries which could cause this issue as well. A many know, the quick test for that is to wiggle the battery door a bit and see if the phone reboots. You can also tap the back or sides of the phone to test that as well.

    Overall it's a solid device. We also all have to remeber that it is the first device of a new generation. There will be hickups and a learing curve for both users, Blackberry, and carriers. I was with AT&T when the first iPhone came out. It was a great device, but it had it's issues too. I can remember getting returns for software issues that were fixed with updates with in months. With that said, those of us with the Verizon Z10 will have to wait the longest. Havinging worked for them for a long time, I know they can seem to drag thier feet with OS updates. What I can also tell you is that they are not dragging thier feet. Thier testing process is tough and they will not release an update unless they are 150% sure it's going to provide major enhancements and updates to your device.

    Anyways, that's just my piece on this...hope it helps!

    05-09-13 09:36 AM
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