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    I am FINALLY getting my Z10 tomorrow (Verizon). It's been about a month since the official US launch and I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to the sequence in which to do things that is most beneficial (I will be doing the tutorial upon boot-up)? Any info to share that a Z10 newbie might scratch their head over (besides the obvious "where's my back button" LOL)?

    I have a Torch 9850 and am hoping to "switch to new device" seamlessly where my email and contacts, etc go with it. Do I install Blackberry Link first? Is there any special instruction to getting gmail working on the first try?

    I've read most of the battery saving tricks and understand that it takes a week or so for the battery to perform well. I've read about gmail issues and random reboots, and I'm hoping to avoid those. Basically I've read up on many things on the forums but without the actual phone in hand, it's nothing more than general instructional reading.

    I will definitely be going through the forums more aggressively once I have the device in hand to work with but was hoping some might be willing to provide a "quick start out of the box" tutorial here . Yes, I'm trying to take advantage of someone else's missteps who learned what not to do! haha

    05-01-13 01:17 PM
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    Step 1: install CB10 app.

    Can't go wrong from there.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-01-13 01:20 PM
  3. frannip's Avatar
    No one else ?
    05-02-13 02:50 PM

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