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    Hi, i'm a new z10 user and here are few things that pisses me off about the device and i need help with.
    First of all,, how does the blackberry protect app work? I know it's in the settings but it won't back up/restore my content
    I can't add image folders.. I tried and it won't work.. Any one knows how?
    Older blackberry phones supported a lot of characters.. This phone only shows small squares/boxes instead
    Any character app that can help?
    The contacts app is driving me craaaazy urrrrgh.. I set a picture for a contact, i restart my device and the picture is gone
    I add a new contact and i find his name twice in my contacts list :/ .. I link a BBM contact with a sim card contact and my contact's name changes from it's original real name to it's silly bbm nick name
    Is there's any way i can make the contacts app simpler like the old BB phones?
    Blackberry desktop was very helpful with restoring contents and installing extra BB apps and add ons
    It isn't the same with blackberry link
    Any ideas how to use BB link?
    Plz help and thanks
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