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  1. z_scorpio_z's Avatar
    hey everyone,

    I am trying to figure out if a Z10 Verizon (BlackBerry Z10 STL100-4) branded will work with SK Telecom (South Korea).

    From another post, these are possibly the frequencies used by SK Telecom

    Frequencies used on SKTelecom Network in Korea
    800 MHz (824~829,869~874) 10MHz CDMA 2G
    850 MHz (829~839,874~884) 20MHz LTE 3.9G Band 5 (main frequency)
    1800 MHz (1755~1765,1850~1860) 20MHz LTE 3.9G Band 3
    2100 MHz (1930~1960, 2120~2150) 60MHz UMTS/HSPA 3.5G
    2300 MHz (2300~2327) 27MHz Mobile WiMAX 3.9G

    Again from another thread, these are the frequencies supported on Z10 verizon.

    Q10/Z10/Z30 Verizon will work on SK Telecom (South Korea)-z10_frequencies.png

    Will I be able to,
    1. Make/receive calls/sms
    2. Use 3g data
    3. Use 4g data

    If it makes any difference, I also have a Q10 and a Z30, both verizon branded, that I can use also but would prefer to use Z10.

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    07-25-16 06:47 PM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    I read someone here using priv verizon branded on SK Telekom, not sure but BlackBerry 10
    07-25-16 07:56 PM
  3. kingstu's Avatar
    I think the UTMS band is compatible (2100) so it should work on that and that alone. I believe SMS, calls and data should work.
    07-26-16 11:56 AM
  4. z_scorpio_z's Avatar
    Thanks, will test and see how it goes...
    07-26-16 09:33 PM
  5. z_scorpio_z's Avatar
    Just to update the thread for future, the report I received is that the verizon branded Z10 is working and it is showing H+ connection. I need to check and send instructions to my friend to check the connection status to see which radio bands/frequencies are being used. If i get the info, I will post the screenshot here. Thanks for your help.
    08-10-16 03:01 PM

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