1. Hardy99si's Avatar
    Wifi is connected, in fact it was working fine and suddendly, no more internet. So i removed my wifi connexion from the wifi parameter and redo the setup for my connexion

    It connect then bb symbol appeared. Went loading a page. The page loaded... So i selected another page, it didnt load. Wifi and bb stil there on the screen. I did it again inverting the web page, same result... Try again from scratch but with the facebook app, first load was fine, refreshing the page didnt work (loading symbol until a message telling its not available appear.

    Again i tried with the appworld with same result... Looks like it work only once... Then stop, but wifi bb and cell are still in working conditions....

    I did a restart, a battery pull, nada, same result...

    Someone has an idea, should i return the device. Im on last update 10....85 from koodo.
    03-13-13 10:01 PM
  2. dad2bandm's Avatar
    Are you sure this isn't a problem with your WiFi or router?

    I'm on latest update and have had no issues with WiFi use...on multiple access points, that's why I ask?

    Posted via CB10
    03-13-13 10:32 PM
  3. Hardy99si's Avatar
    Are you sure this isn't a problem with your WiFi or router?
    I'm on latest update and have had no issues with WiFi use...on multiple access points, that's why I ask?
    Posted via CB10
    Yes i'm sure, did every test possible and even change to my neighbourg WIFI with the same results. Also, I have 5 others device that are fine on my WIFI.

    The battery was at 30% though. I plugged it in then try at baatery level 40%, no go. Then at 60% try again, and it was working. let the unit charge completely then the problem has not came back. This morning it was working. Will try again next time my battery drops below 30%. Too bad that since the update.. battery drain less quicker (that's a joke !!!)
    03-14-13 03:16 PM
  4. linksy's Avatar
    I was having this problem, after the update the problem disappeared, I had to constantly disconnect then reconnect to get the Wifi to work, someone suggested changing channel on the router. But the carrier update seems to have fixed it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-13 03:31 PM
  5. bassicmama's Avatar
    On both my Playbook and my Z10, my Wifi will constantly drop (latest official OS on each). On both devices it will say connected, but apps, BBW, browser will just not load. I have to turn Wifi off and on to get it to work. For a few days after the latest update, it seemed to be fixed, but I am having to do it all the time again. I'm not sure how to change any of my modem/router settings.
    03-20-13 02:50 PM
  6. dhims's Avatar
    I have the same problem, using old DLink Dir-300 router, Z10 keeps disconnecting internet while other gadgets had no problem.

    i found the solution after trying these suggestions :
    Re: Netgear WVPN824 WiFi issue connecting to BIS/B... - Page 2 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    The culprit is QoS setting or WMM in my case, after disabling it, then internet is smooth.

    Hope helps.
    06-13-13 11:54 PM
  7. Conan69's Avatar
    I have no problem with keeping the connection, but would be interested to know if anyone has my problem, after a reboot a few days ago a couple of my saved wifi had gone, rebooted yesterday and now where I had 8 I now have 2 so I have to go sheepishly to all me work places and ask for the security codes to put them back on my phone :-(
    I've also found that my home network just vanishes from time to time, any ideas?

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-13 02:52 AM

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