1. rayizaac#AC's Avatar
    First time poster here and love and welcomed the New Z10 as a long time blackberry user. Have two phone lines with Verizon and although find my first iphone 5 challenging to type with and also having to deal with it's arrogance thinking it's a better speller then me with it's auto correct nonsense.

    Overall love the Z10, typing is a pleasure for me once again as my business commands it at least with 30 outgoing emails a day!

    Yes, i'm with Verizon and have not experienced reboots or freezes during the day when the phone is up and alive, but when i put it in the zzzzzzzz mode, special things happen.......

    It reboots, several times a night. I've had the phone off the night mode every other night this past two week, no reboots. When it's back on sleep mode on other nights, it reboots.

    Not sure if others out there have experienced the same issues, but would sure love blackberry to take notice of this issue. I'm reluctant to exchange the devise, fearing i might get one with compulsive rebooting issues as others have experienced.

    awaiting an update, love the phone, love the OS.....congratulation blackberry! Let's get it Fixed, as i would love to place my iphone in the cloud!

    regards to all......
    04-11-13 01:26 AM
  2. walcolm's Avatar
    what BB10 OS version are you on? if you are still running the pre-loaded OS version, you need to grab the update. rings in around 117MB and takes care of a few of the issues

    all the best
    04-11-13 02:25 AM

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