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    Warning:This could be boring to read and you may want to skip to another thread if your attention span is small and don't care about Z10 battery drain.

    I've had the Z10 since the Canadian Launch Feb 5. Bell Mobility is my Carrier. I have a grandfathered data plan which is unlimited, but the only caveat is that It can't be provisioned for LTE just HSPA+(Which is fine for me as I live in a rural area where there is no LTE signal). I've really enjoyed the Z10(Ok best Smartphone, Superphone, I've ever used), but the battery drain issue has had me stumped. I'm a fairly medium to heavy user. Most days I'd take it off the charger at 7:30 am and have to plug in my Z10 to charge around 2 pm basically every day like clockwork.(My Samsung Galaxy 3 I have to charge at the same times, but it is mainly used for Hot Spotting and phone only for my business). I've downloaded probably 40 apps, sideloaded around 25 apps and uninstalled, reinstalled methodically and no solution or obvious culprit to the battery drain. I have 7 email accounts with 5 different various calendars and twitter installed since the start. I've turned off the gesture unlock, changed my syncing intervals for emails, pretty much every suggestion on Crackberry and the interwebs!

    The Road to Serendipity....

    Recently when I updated my OS(Before the AT&T OS release), my android side loads worked fine, then after a while one by one lost network connectivity ie Netflix would only work on Wifi and not cellular data for most if not all my Android side loads. I thought to myself, why the heck are these apps not working? I updated to the new AT&T OS, but nothing changed.

    First solution...security wipe and start over fresh. As everyone knows in Blackberry Link you don't have much of a choice of what you can restore. You have a only really 3 choices. App Data, Media Data and Settings. All I restored were the media files from my last backup. Now password keeper I had to give some thought. I checked my lastest legacy backups from my previous Bold 9900 and sure enough there were those 18 or so passwords that I want on my Z10 password keeper app. I chose only those backups and Blackberry link said they were restored. I opened up Password keeper and it asked me to make a new password. I though well crap oh well I'll just re enter those passwords and carry on. After I hit next(after typing in the new password twice), password keeper asked me for my restored data password. Wow that actually worked. When I first switched from my 9900 it took several times to get data transfered and readable like it should. Anyways enough about this...

    Road to solution part 2....I decided that I wasn't going to restore any other data from my backup. Emails, Calendars and Contacts I have all stored on Cloud accounts ready to be synced. Game data, well who cares about that on a phone. Most any other apps setting up is quick and really didn't need to be restored. Browser bookmarks are easy to add.

    So far Battery is barely draining at all since I've done this restore. I've used 20% is the past 6 hours. I downloaded Spiderman(600MB) for the kids on wifi, and probably 10 other apps I use regularly, sideloaded 12 Android apps(netflix, instagram, siriusxm, etc) and they all work as advertised on cellular data and wifi. All my email, calendar and contacts have synced with no issues whatsoever. Wallpaper changer HD running along changing my 900 plus wallpapers every 15 minutes and so on.

    Possible reason for battery drain issue...

    My data came from a long line of data back ups from many different Blackerry's and several different legacy Operating Systems(as you can see in my lineup of past used phones in my sig). I think and cannot prove as to why, but I think most of the battery drain issues stem from restored data from legacy blackberry's, to backups and restores on the Z10. Since trying to figure out this battery drain issue, I have never seen my battery drain slow down this much under normal use conditions for myself.

    I'd like to know how many have gone to this extent to fix their battery drain issues and have found the same results.

    Thanks for reading
    (Sorry for any grammatical errors as its getting late)
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    04-16-13 10:41 PM
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    "I checked my lastest legacy backups from my previous Bold 9900 and sure enough there were those 18 or so passwords that I want on my Z10 password keeper app. I chose only those backups and Blackberry link said they were restored."

    I've been wanting to to a wipe and selective restore. What's been holding me back is that I would want only my Password Keeper data (approx. 500 entries) and browser bookmarks. I couldn't see an option for restoring select data when I transferred from my old 9900 to the Z, so I assumed it couldn't be done after a wipe either. I've been hoping for an update to BB Link with that capability. Assuming that you selected "data" for your selective restore, how were you able to select PW keeper only?
    04-17-13 06:55 AM
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    I used my last 9900 backups from OS 7.1. My password keeper entries haven't changed since then. Choose restore, select the backup you want to restore from. Your legacy backups should be below any BB10 back ups. Scroll down and you should see Legacy device backup files. Click the arrow and scroll down and you'll see your old backups. You can also navigate to any backup files by clicking on the folder icon. Choose the backup you want. Uncheck restore all data and check which files you want restored. Contacts and Calendar as well documented here don't play well here, but there are better solutions for restoring those. Hopefully this helps.
    04-17-13 07:10 AM
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    OK, I'll give it a try this weekend when I'm back in the same city as my PC. (My Playbook with BT keyboard has pretty much replaced my laptop for traveling use!)
    04-17-13 02:18 PM
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    Charger off 6:30 am....70% left at 3:30 pm
    04-17-13 02:30 PM
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    When I switched to the Z10 I didn't sync anything from my olddr Blackberry backbup files. I copied my contacts via bluetooth from my 9810 to the Z10 and figured I could live without everyting else. In doing this I have had no battery issues, no reboot issues and really no issues at all that seem to be all over the forums. It is a thought for all of you out there who are having issues. Worked for 1, might work for more.
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    04-17-13 02:44 PM
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    Yesterday charger off at 8 am. Midnight 10% left. I think I've fixed my battery issues.
    04-19-13 07:14 AM

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