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    You know, I've stopped being shocked when people ask me what phone I have and express that they've never heard of it, etc. The thing is, though, that despite the fact that a lot of us have read the articles, the vast majority of people haven't. They just aren't interested in following that stuff.

    Now, with the Z10 selling so cheap, there is actually a chance for a nice period of sales in which loads of people will be pleasantly surprised, and some positive word of mouth can spread.

    I think 2014 will probably be a good year for BlackBerry. I know what people will say, but the great thing is that we will see what happens either way. There is a lot of positive stuff to look forward to, even if there is some negative news and concern as well.

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    12-18-13 10:53 AM
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    I'd like to see a cogent, well-executed plan go into play. Sort it out, smoke it out, and let people see a new route they can take.
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    12-18-13 10:56 AM

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