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    Problems setting up your POP3 on your Z10....about to go mad .....this could help you!!

    After speaking to o2's 'technical help desk' around 6 times and receiving a mixture of advice, none of which helped at all, I decided to call RIM/Blackberry directly in the US (which can be a chargeable call to warn you, although I was not charged).

    Every combination I tried in terms of POP and SMTP user names, passwords, port settings and encryption did not work. One call to BB solved this for me by going onto the following link which is an 'Email Account Validation Tool':


    You will need to enter your email address and password which takes you into a page for each of your email accounts which shows all the available protocols for that address including tabs for IMAP, POP & SMTP. You simply select a combination of port number and encryption either on/off and click validate. Not all of the options will validate so I started with the same settings that I use in Outlook (POP port 110 and SMTP port 25, both with encryption off) which worked. BB then send you a test email to confirm the validation has been registered.

    So to summarise, if it helps, these are the settings I used after days of annoyance trying to sort it out:

    User name
    Email Address

    Server Address
    pop.yourprovider.com (for example mine is pop.iomartmail.com)
    Port 110 (to mirror what you have validated via EAVT)
    Encryption/SSL - Off (to mirror what you have validated via EAVT)

    SMTP Username - keep blank
    SMTP Password - keep blank
    SMTP Server Adress
    SMTP port 25 (to mirror what you have validated via EAVT)
    SMTP Encryption/SSL - Off (to mirror what you have validated via EAVT)

    I am sure this will not work for everybody but it has saved me hours of four letter words!! Good luck.
    05-01-13 04:40 AM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    Thanks, but long ago worked this out on my own (used these settings). My server requires an asmtp address. Which may be the issue. But at any rate, it will work for a while, then ultimately fail.

    Furthermore using the tool you linked to results in 100% validation fail. Even when I know some of the settings are correct. The real issue for the pop account seems to be BBerry trying to encrypt my password before sending (even when specified not to send or use no security protocol) thus delivering gibberish to my server. As if it thought I was using an Enterprise server. Eventually, I even have to call my server to reset my password. Right now I am forced to use K9 off BBerry App World. It has zero issues. Though the emails do not show up on Hub, notifications do.
    05-01-13 06:19 AM

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