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    [Poll] What would you like a BlackBerry 10 L-Series & N-Series?-bb10.jpg
    As you know, RIM will officially launch BB10 with a lot of expectations in the next year. Images of BlackBerry 10 L-Series has appeared a lot in the past. But BB10 N-Series is still a hidden. However, the majority of our BlackBerry users are familiar with the BlackBerry keyboard. But BB10 maximum support for touch devices. So BlackBerry L-Series will have an advantage over N-Series. So you've decided to get yourself would choose BB10 device coming? L-Series with new, powerful induction or N-Series with the familiar QWERTY keyboard power of RIM.?

    1. I'll only choose BB10 N-Series with QWERTY Keyboard
    2. I'll choose BB10 L-Series to experience the touch device RIM's
    3. I'llchoose the both devices
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    12-03-12 11:03 AM
  2. olga421's Avatar
    N series all the way
    12-03-12 11:32 AM
  3. BENZ_O's Avatar
    L-Series for me
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    12-03-12 11:42 AM
  4. jodirt's Avatar
    Gesture based os definitely going with the L
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    12-03-12 11:53 AM
  5. amjass12's Avatar
    L-series, all the way!!

    another thing i thought of though (which isnt relevant in this thread) but ill say it anyway lool, is that I think RIM need to change the names of the phones completely, in order to really break away from the legacy devices and not hold on to any part of the old image that RIM is tainted with now. i actually like london and nevada... even if they are codenames now,,,, i think they are good as official names... fresh and new!
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    12-03-12 05:27 PM
  6. RevyRah's Avatar
    It's too early to tell. I want the best multimedia AND typing option. I'm currently rockin a Bold 9900 and love the keyboard, but I HATE the camera and smaller screen when compared to my previous Torch 9860. I will likely end up buying both, but am really hoping to see the A-Series.
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    12-03-12 08:31 PM
  7. Dim-Ize's Avatar
    I've got this poll going on in my head, still unanswered. I honestly don't know! I genuinely want the L so bad. But, I'm a tad bit nervous about loosing the awesome 9900 keyboard.

    I think I'm going to have to go play with the two of them before making my decision.
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    12-03-12 08:56 PM
  8. masqueofhastur's Avatar
    L series easily. If I go for a phone with QWERTY it has to be a slider.
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    12-05-12 08:03 AM
  9. Creaulx's Avatar
    Coming from three years of Android and with my failing eyesight, there's no question it will be the "L" series. Once you get used to typing on a virtual keyboard and have used something with a full touchscreen, there's no going back to a half-screen and physical keys. Also, Swype is pure awesome for one-handed use. No more "pecking" - sure hope BB10 eventually gets something like it.

    To each their own, though.
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    12-05-12 11:28 AM
  10. walt63's Avatar
    I would like to see the ability to quote a text or BBM similar to how we do in the CrackBerry threads.

    Sometimes, my wife goes crazy with BBM. It would be nice to respond back to one think at a time and her knowing what im referring to.

    Sent from Bold 9930 #blackberrybychoice
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    12-05-12 11:40 AM
  11. crackcookie's Avatar
    N series, I am not big on watching video and such, but I do love keyboards.
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    12-05-12 12:07 PM
  12. tharrison4815's Avatar
    L series for me
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    12-05-12 04:25 PM
  13. lengend's Avatar
    Going from a 9900 owner to a L series...
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    12-05-12 05:59 PM
  14. ssbtech's Avatar
    Where's the poll?

    My vote: Neither.
    12-05-12 08:46 PM
  15. bigjman's Avatar
    Not 100% sure but with me already having a playbook, I'm leaning toward the N-Series. Having this 9850 since it came out last September, I find myself missing a physical keyboard from time to time. Plus I can use my playbook for videos and games especially once bb10 is available for it.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850 using Tapatalk
    12-06-12 01:07 AM
  16. etumang's Avatar
    I currently rock a 9900 and a PlayBook. And although I love the keyboard on my 9900, I can't stop thinking about how good everything about BB10 would look on a big screen! You can count me in for an L-Series.
    12-06-12 01:40 AM
  17. b541314's Avatar
    N series... still need the QWERTY Keyboard badly
    12-06-12 06:06 AM
  18. rexrim's Avatar
    Time to Touch Now! Lets Vote For The L-Series !
    12-08-12 05:08 AM
  19. leslie_chow's Avatar
    still cant decide at this moment. i will take a wait-and-see approach. i would like to gather first hand users' review first. but, at this moment, i am inclined to L - series.

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    12-08-12 11:22 AM
  20. diego.roscetti's Avatar
    Leaning towards the L series, but I would like to see BB 10 running on a N series device before I make my decision.

    Curious how the OS will run on a smaller screen.
    12-09-12 07:11 PM
  21. amjass12's Avatar
    ill be getting the london.. and hope its still called the london, as i live in london

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    12-10-12 03:54 AM
  22. xSt0rmTroop3Rx's Avatar
    I used to think I wanted to be an N-sider
    But the more I think about it, the more I love the L word.
    12-10-12 05:27 AM
  23. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    It depends if I can see and touch an L-series when it comes out to see how the keyboard works. I currently own a 9860 torch and if the touch feel is the same as the 9860 I am going to hold off and get an N-series. I find the 9860 doesn't work that well, don't get me wrong its better than an iPhone 5 keyboard but I find I still spend more time fixing my typo's than I would if I had a QWERTY keyboard.
    12-15-12 09:17 PM
  24. cbwannabe's Avatar
    Coming from a 9900, and 8900 before that, my initial reply would be an N for sure! However, although the N will have a physical keyboard, it doesn't look like it will have a Trackpad! How will that work? Especially on a smaller screen!

    Soooo, I'm undecided at the moment! I'll have to try out both I guess.
    12-15-12 10:08 PM

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