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    Say if I was typing and I typed the word 'more' sometimes it doesn't do anything but the keyboard would sometimes type it like 'smofe' or other letters. I'm going to type a sentence and I'm not going to delete or backspace to correct the errors the keyboard keeps making and it's not because I click the wrong key.
    I don't know why my keyboljarlld keeps Mpessimmjg up, iiits rswthwr annoying at times, and it Never used to do this before.
    ^^See this is what it always does, sometimes when I'm just using my phone, even the touch screen messes up, like if I was scrolling down it would scroll the opposite direction, or click something, sometimes I can't even unlock my phone, it's really frustrating.
    I'm going to type another sentence without correcting anything.

    Hello, wi hate it when my phone does this with. The keyboarjd, it makes me constantly have to correct or backspace to correct my sientecnezafs otss so frustraptingc if someone ncould come up with ha jsolution for my problem I wpqild be over the moon, so please help me!!!!!!!:'(

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    02-14-14 06:24 AM
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    Have you tried to reload the OS? It can be done through Blackberry Desktop for BB7.1 and older or Blackberry Link if you have BB10 phones.
    If that doesn't help, I would say take it back to your carrier. On physical keyboard phones the most common problem is double letters, for example i would press the g key and it would enter 'gg' onto the screen. I've replaced my blackberries 4 times due to that problem.
    02-14-14 11:44 AM
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    I have had the same problem myself on the Z10, seemed to happen when the CPU was under a very high load. (I was running the OS update to 10.2.1) If running 10.2.1, check your Device Monitor under CPU and see if something is making heavy use of the CPU.
    02-14-14 04:08 PM

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