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    Tonight I had my Z10 plugged into my laptop to transfer music. I was doing homework at the time so I left my phone plugged into the laptop until I finished. I took if off when I was done and my pictures and videos were gone. The new music I added was there but the other stuff was gone. I went to the camera folder in file manager and checked the properties and it said the camera folder was created just minutes before. I just want to know what might have caused all of this.

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    11-20-13 03:39 AM
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    Have you checked on your computer? Maybe you had SYNC on and it either copied the photos to your computer or, possibly (I hope not) sync-ed them out of existence since they were not on your main computer?

    I personally abhor SYCN. I am never sure that it will not either duplicate the heck out of things or remove things it thinks I don't want. I prefer manual copy/move operations with *ME* in charge.

    edited to add: this reminded me and I just now copied or moved all my z10 photos to my computer.
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    11-20-13 11:32 AM
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    I checked my computer after it happened and I couldn't find the pictures there either. It really isn't a big deal but I just wanted to know what caused this so it doesn't happen again.

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    11-20-13 10:19 PM

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