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    On my Z10 I just can't seem to figure out how to clear memory, I've deleted most of my old pictures and videos.. and even most of my apps.. yet sooner or later the notification of phone memory almost full always comes up.. wondering if the android apps store a lot of memory or something? Cause honestly I feel like I don't even have a lot in my phone data..

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    06-13-15 03:12 AM
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    If you use Android apps and they have got several updates over time you will find multiple APK files left on your Z10. Depending on the apps they might consume a considerable amount of memory. Use the Z10's file manager to look into:

    Personal Device/misc/android/download

    Then sort by name and look for old versions of the APK files. You will also find APKs that you have tried and later on deleted.

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    06-13-15 04:40 AM
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    Open device monitor and tap on Memory, not device storage. See which apps are chewing up your memory and close them if you are not using them. Many of these apps are running headless. There are possible memory leaks from apps such as the browser and the phone. You can clear these leaks by a hard reboot. If System is the problem, using much more than 300 MB after a hard reboot, you will need to wipe the phone and reinstalling all your apps (don't restore the apps from Link backup ).

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    06-13-15 11:04 AM
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    Phone keeps asking to delete memory?-img_20150613_122528.png
    Phone keeps asking to delete memory?-img_20150613_125650.png
    Phone keeps asking to delete memory?-img_20150613_125800.png

    Before Hard Reboot, 15 min after hard reboot, and Device Storage after hard reboot

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    06-13-15 01:00 PM
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    Well there seems to be your answer, Snap10 using over 7GB!

    Try deleting it through the device monitor then re downloading it from BB world.

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    06-13-15 01:25 PM

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