1. cooper_tor's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Anyway around the following issue:
    I take a call on my Z10 that lasts 45-60 minutes. I get bored somewhere in the middle and surf the web or check email or whatever. Then when it's time to hang up here's where I am:
    1. Screen is locked - swipe up
    2. Device is locked - Enter password
    3. What ever app I was in last is now in front of me - swipe up
    4. Phone app is active tile - select
    5. Hang up

    If I fat finger my password, add another step.
    If phone is closed and not an active tile, try and hit that seemingly 1 pixel by 1 pixel tiny phone button, bottom left.

    This isn't a huge deal when it is a one on one call, I can just let the other party hang up. Annoying when it is a conference bridge and I have to hang up - ten times more annoying when I'm asked to drop so other participants can carry on with another conversation and I sound like I'm trying to stick around to eavesdrop.

    Any ideas, or is this just one of the realities of the buttonless design?

    No flames please -- I love this device and have had it since first day available. I have converted at least 2 iPhone users and am working on converting an Android holdout.


    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 02:39 PM
  2. dmacne's Avatar
    Yeah I have had the same problem, j' wish the call would end when you kill the active tile. It could be an option that allows you to disable background calls. I almost always have either my headphones on or just on speaker and have experienced the same frustrations at the end of a call, however minor they are.

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 02:45 PM
  3. Hsuny12's Avatar
    It is still better than accidentally hanging up on someone because you press the wrong "x". When the call ends, the call disconnects itself most of the time anyways.
    04-16-13 03:07 PM
  4. King Nith's Avatar
    This should be addressed in the new update that is long overdue

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 03:11 PM

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