1. ECC1's Avatar
    I need help I went to setup my password for Z!0 and I'm locked my self out. Ive got the password written down but it's not working 8/10 tries already I figured it was typo between letters and numbers but it's not

    I'm logged into my Blackberry Protect account and under lock device it give me the option to change password, but need original password I've not tried it

    is there anyway to fix this problem or have I just screwed myself out of a phone
    02-02-14 11:37 AM
  2. thanhvx's Avatar
    I don't think you have an opportunity. Sorry!

    Think like this way so that you will feel better: you are wiping your phone.

    ~ it's not a phone, it's a ?
    02-02-14 11:40 AM
  3. ECC1's Avatar
    not wiping the phone, I have the phone in front of me I have not lost it.
    02-02-14 11:42 AM
  4. jose_trevizo's Avatar
    Something similar happened to me. My wife put the wrong password 5 times. When I went to put the correct password it wouldn't unlock, it didn't do anything. Reset, battery pull and left alone for an hour and nothing worked.

    Last thing I did was to reset to factory settings. It works now. Did ask me for password which worked when resetting to factory. Hope that helps.

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    02-02-14 06:30 PM
  5. thanhvx's Avatar
    Hope everything is ok for you now ECC1. Wiping is a term where the phone will set it self to factory default settings (like you buy brand new one). With BlackBerry when you enter wrong password ten times then it automatically wipes itself.

    I hope above clarification helps.

    ~ it's not a phone, it's a ?
    02-02-14 10:14 PM
  6. NtotheK's Avatar
    Try and reset the password online with BlackBerry Protect. If that doesn't work then you know you have the wrong password written down. Worst case you have to wipe the phone.

    Posted via CB10
    02-02-14 11:14 PM

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