1. Ben Stewart3's Avatar
    Having issue since yesterday (something up in boo land) I can't get the hub, accounts or contacts to start (just the spin of death) I really do not want to lose my contacts I have about 3,800. I removed all unneeded apps, rebooted 6 times restarted the hub several time. Black Berry Passport. I can not receive any text messages (I see the red notifier on the hub icon)

    Looked up a few items all did not work, and the treads are all old.

    Any information would be great
    04-17-17 02:25 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I'd try using LINK or a 3rd party app (or both) to do a backup of your contacts (or whatever you want kept).

    As for a fix.... sorry I don't know. Would suggest deleting accounts, one at a time. At the end I'd suggest reloading the OS or a security wipe.
    04-17-17 02:37 PM

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