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    Was a longtime BB user, but most recently have been using the iPhone 5 for quite a while now. I'm patiently waiting for the Q10 to come out here in the US for AT&T, but I'm a little hesitant and have a few questions regarding the things I mainly use my smartphone for.

    1) I saw someone on another website say that OS 10 does not sync with Outlook. Is this true? I'm in sales and always load my events and appointments into outlook for pop-up reminders on my cell phone. So this would be a major headache if its true.

    2) I don't really care about a lack of apps on OS10. I'm not a big gamer or anything but I do have 3 main apps I use constantly. Twitter, Facebook and Spotify. For anyone who has been using OS10, can you comment on how those 3 apps are working for OS10. If they arent working well, have you found any work arounds for them to make using those programs/apps/websites comparable to using them on an iPhone or Android?

    3) I do listen to quite a few podcasts thru iTunes and the podcasts app. Is there a way to get these onto my BB 10 device to listen to when traveling?

    4) Finally, I live about 1300 miles from my immediate family and we keep in touch with alot of group messaging (they all have iPhones). Would i still be able to send and receive the same group messages if i convert to BB from iPhone?

    Any feedback would be great appreciated!! Thank you very much!
    05-12-13 03:44 PM
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    Twitter and Facebook are available natively and work. Spotify is not in app world but maybe you can side load an android version - I am guessing since I don't use it.

    If your friends and family use Iphone you would not be able to do group chats unless all of you use a cross platform app. Similar to how an Iphone user can not access my BBM groups.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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    05-12-13 04:00 PM

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