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    So I was poking around Google and found a tip on a way to get different wallpaper on the lock screen from the main screen and it's pretty cool. You set the wallpaper to what you want for the lock screen, then go into settings, security, and go to parental controls and turn it on. You don't need to change anything because it defaults to no restrictions. When you go back to the main screen, you'll see its defaulted to the basic BlackBerry one. Just rearrange your icons the way you like, change the wallpaper to what you want for the main one, and voila.

    I did a beach theme. Beach cabins on the main screen, water on the sand on the lock screen.

    The old parental control means different lock screen trick...-img_00000003.png

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    06-14-13 05:33 PM
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    How people find this stuff, I don't even know.
    Will definitely be using this
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    06-14-13 05:37 PM
  3. jordan559's Avatar
    Great find. Thanks for sharing.
    06-14-13 05:54 PM
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    Thanks for sharing. The only problem is that it got rid of all my folders, so I had to rearrange everything again

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    06-14-13 06:08 PM
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    Thanks for sharing. The only problem is that it got rid of all my folders, so I had to rearrange everything again

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    Yes be careful if you have all your icons organized neatly into folders. Turning on and off the parental controls will remove the folders and rearrange all your apps.

    More info here: Change BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen Wallpaper
    06-14-13 06:11 PM
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    Yep, I said you'd need to rearrange the stuff. Nice thing is, though, is that when you turn it off, your old settings are still there.
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    06-14-13 06:12 PM
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    Yeah great feature although not easy to stumble upon. Here's my lock screen and unlocked screenshot's

    Attachment 172697
    Attachment 172698
    06-15-13 10:45 PM
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    Okay two days ago someone else posted this. You are a thief.
    06-15-13 10:50 PM
  9. 00stryder's Avatar
    Great feature, thanks for the heads up! I actually got a different lock screen when I installed .2354 so I'm good for now, but I'll definitely keep this in mind.

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    06-15-13 11:04 PM

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