1. nosmartphoneyet's Avatar
    Has anyone had weird issues with the 'pinch zoom '? For the last few months I can pinch zoom anyplace on the phone.... if I want to or not. Camera zoom is unless now because, everything zooms - not the camera.. the entire screen!!!!! Even the the main launch screen. It's bizarre and inconvenient.

    Anyone else ??? Can it be fixed ?? I tried to take a screen shot but, it shows normal ???? Which is frickin creepy.


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    12-08-14 07:51 AM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    System settings -> accessibility -> magnify mode -> off.
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    12-08-14 08:18 AM
  3. nosmartphoneyet's Avatar
    That is awesome !!!!! I wonder how it switched in the first place ?

    Either way, thx a million. Was driving me crazy before the holidays.

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    12-08-14 09:29 AM
  4. baarn's Avatar
    Glad that it solved it for you.
    12-08-14 09:34 AM

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