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    Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure this one out on my own but it has me stumped. I'm sure I'm just missing something easy. Before the update when I switched my my phone to vibrate all notifications were silent and just vibrated. After the update some notifications are silent and some come through loud and clear on the vibrate setting. When I go into notifications and click on vibrate setting I see: Your profile settings and app level settings are different. I've never seen this before. I've clicked the reset app button at the bottom but no luck. Anyone else having this issue?

    Spreading the love with my Z10
    06-29-15 06:23 PM
  2. duckshooter's Avatar
    I think I figured it out. I had to go into my custom contacts settings and change sound to profile setting. Seems silly to me but I guess it is more customizable options which is good.

    Spreading the love with my Z10
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    06-29-15 08:34 PM
  3. Lawrie Sherratt's Avatar
    You are going deaf cos of shooting the ducks.
    06-30-15 11:37 AM

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