1. Umass021's Avatar
    So I put 10.3.1877 on my z10 using blitz so I didn't have to reset my phone. I am on verizon. It's the latest official os for Blackberry. My issue is I have no 4g lte now. Anyone know what I need to do and I really don't want to wipe my device. Thanks.
    05-01-15 06:38 PM
  2. filanto's Avatar
    Get It works fine on Verizon
    No more 4g lte verizon 10.3.1-img_20150501_192308.png

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-15 07:23 PM
  3. Umass021's Avatar
    Where do I find a blitz version so I don't have to wipe the device
    05-01-15 07:33 PM
  4. Umass021's Avatar
    I was wrong I'm on os. 2726 and radio. 2727
    05-01-15 07:35 PM
  5. filanto's Avatar
    Check your network settings and did you do a hard reset

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    05-01-15 08:04 PM
  6. Umass021's Avatar
    I did both and it still only has 3g
    05-01-15 08:14 PM
  7. Umass021's Avatar
    I went back to stock 10.2.1 and still no 4g. No idea why
    05-02-15 04:12 AM
  8. Umass021's Avatar
    After talking to Verizon tech support and trouble shooting the phone still no 4g. Has anyone ever heard of this or know a fix. I'm back to my stock os 10.2.1 and wiped the phone completely and started over. I heard of people having Sim card tray issues but my service still works with 3g and can make calls no problem.
    05-02-15 11:26 AM
  9. mikebbq10's Avatar
    according to the bb website, no 4g on the z10 or z30
    05-27-15 09:49 PM
  10. tmf06's Avatar
    according to the bb website, no 4g on the z10 or z30
    That's just crazy talk

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    05-27-15 09:57 PM
  11. mmcclure0453's Avatar
    according to the bb website, no 4g on the z10 or z30
    I have 4g lte on my Z30. Wonder why they say that. Where is it on the site? Can you post a link?

    STL100-4 /
    05-27-15 11:56 PM
  12. RLTurn77's Avatar
    according to the bb website, no 4g on the z10 or z30
    That's completely false. At one point I was on a Verizon Z10 with full 4G and LTE, same with my father and sister... and my mom's AT&T Z10 bought from shopblackberry had 4G and LTE as well. Same with my sister now on a Verizon Z30 and I also have a Z30 now with AT&T along with my Passport.

    Anyway, I updated my father's Verizon Z10 to 10.3.1 a few weeks ago through SACHESI non-destructive obviously and just plugged in the Z10, hit search and SACHESI found the latest official OS which was from Rogers in Canada. Works perfectly with 4G/LTE; not sure why people don't use this method more often than not.

    Have always used SACHESI non-destructive and never had any issues or needed a backup. Luckily in your case it seems that, based on Chen's tweet, you will soon be getting the official Verizon version of 10.3.1. I'm sure this would fix whatever went wrong with your blitz update.

    Since you downgraded now, why not just use SACHESI to do a non-destructive update. Will likely fix since it seems messing with the software caused your issues. The update will likely override everything and install new radios, etc.

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    05-28-15 01:11 AM
  13. John_Davis's Avatar
    I was having the same problem. But I search for all webs and manuals. Call operator and nothing. Today I check the settings in the diagnostic screen and i saw that the 4g lte channels were disabled. I enable again, reset modem and recover 4g lte after month of searching a fix.
    For some reason after an upgrade from 10.2 any version, to leaked or beta packages of 10.3 it disable the 4g lte channels. I double check this 30 minutes ago, and did the same thing for recover 4g.
    I hope this Help to you
    06-07-15 08:10 PM
  14. boyanov's Avatar
    John_Davis, where are those setting to enable those channels?
    06-14-15 04:36 PM

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