1. Kadri Walcott's Avatar
    Hi guys, below is my Z10 engineering screen, I went there looking for the MEP code to assist in unlocking my Z10, but there is none.

    What else can be obtained from the ES to assist?

    No MEP in Z10 Engineering Screen-img-20130430-wa000.jpg
    04-30-13 05:09 AM
  2. jrohland's Avatar
    You use the IMEI number. That is in Settings, About, Hardware or, dial *#06#. It took me literally 2 seconds in Google to find a video on how to unlock a Z10.
    04-30-13 05:31 AM
  3. Kadri Walcott's Avatar
    my Z10 is locked to a carrier (LIME), therefore any unlock code wouldn't work. I've tried many methods, its the MEP code I need to calculate the MEP2.
    04-30-13 06:26 AM

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