12-18-13 05:05 PM
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  1. phobiaphobe's Avatar
    It isn't an exchange based system
    According to my IT guy it is imap. I can't understand why i can get k9 mail to work but the server won't talk to my z10 using the same settings

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    02-10-13 09:49 PM
  2. alsummers's Avatar
    Hi everyone.

    As the original poster here, I felt I should just let everyone know that this problem was solved for me this morning. I asked my IT department if Active Sync was enabled on our mail server, which they confirmed it was (for all users). I had also sent over the settings I was using, for them to see if anything was amiss. The reply was that I had our Domain name completely incorrect.

    Now, the Domain name in the BB10 advance set up, has no asterisk next to it - so I believe users could be forgiven for thinking it isn't a required part of the setup. At first I hadn't been populating this field with anything at all - and when I did put something in there, it turns out it was wrong.

    So, this morning I entered the Domain name correctly, just one single word in capital letters. Hey presto! Immediate connection to my work server and syncing of the last 30 days of emails (very annoying - wish I'd only set it to a couple of days!).

    So, problem solved for me. I hope others can benefit from this - the Domain name in my case had to be present and correct!
    02-12-13 05:46 AM
  3. b320's Avatar
    So, problem solved for me. I hope others can benefit from this - the Domain name in my case had to be present and correct!
    Thanks so much for your update!

    Yes, for some configuration, the Domain Name is indeed required. For others (including Office 365 and Google Apps), it's optional. The lesson is that if your company's EAS settings don't work, ask for complete configuration details from your IT department. That makes for a good start.
    02-12-13 06:04 AM
  4. RazzBerry's Avatar
    Anyone else struggling with Outlook on Z10, please read this. It saved me!
    04-04-13 09:43 AM
  5. Sparkle Plentie's Avatar
    I picked up the Z10 on "launch day," and had trouble with setting up email with Outlook (all other emails worked ok). I spent the day with my service provider - then AT&T- which eventually got through to BB. The BB tech rep stayed with me--said it was a glitch they were working through--and temporarily set it up through gmail, which worked A-OK. Yesterday, my server had some email issues (long story) but I ended up changing the settings to my email server's appropriate settings (which I get through Outlook). Yea! BB must have fixed it -- all is well.
    04-04-13 02:31 PM
  6. Shredder00's Avatar
    I have tried https://mail.yourdomain.com/owa as the server address with and without owa and this get that same error. The enterprise does have OWA enabled
    dont know if this will work for you but I had to leave the https:// off the address and then it worked for me.
    04-04-13 03:50 PM
  7. ferazzz1985's Avatar
    You guys are lucky, as my problem is weird and I have been banging my head since I got the phone......Emails on my z10 auto delteding from Outlook if I dont reply right away, yet the emails are still on the Outlook pc. Keep emails is also check off in the Outlook settings, yet nothing work.....even did a full wiper last night and still same problem. I look at the inbox email and then exit, if I reutrn into my inbox it is gone and I cant retrive it anywhere on the phone..........
    04-12-13 09:13 AM
  8. Ticker64's Avatar
    My z10 will not connect to outlook email. I'm just using outlook as created in Office 365. Everytime I try to load it in "Account" it asks me to check if the emaill address and the password are correct. I've tried changing the password on the MS site but it still won't load. GMAIL and AOL have loaded no problem. Any ideas I've only owned a BB for 7 days but am getting so frustrated I'm thinking of taking the phone back, which is a shame, because essentially it is quite a nice piece of kit.
    12-18-13 03:20 PM
  9. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    This might be of some use to anyone trying to access their email and not sure of the settings. Not sure if it will work for OWA but you can try it none the less.


    BTSC Documentation
    KB33444-How to use the Email Account Validation Tool (EAVT)
    12-18-13 05:05 PM
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