1. coastie's Avatar
    Good Morning All,

    I finally talked my wife into a Z10 since I like mine so much. It arrived yesterday from Verizon and everything went fine with the set up except that after the OS update there is no device monitor in the drop down menu. I also noticed that the LED flashed when an email came in, even though the notifications are set to all off for emails. She did pause the update unknowingly while she was setting up the phone. When I noticed I restarted the installation and it finished.
    02-13-14 09:19 AM
  2. KDB84's Avatar
    What OS version on Verizon? The Device Monitor is there under settings in 10.2, with an option to put it on the drop down menu in 10.2.1 (Quick Settings under the Settings menu)

    I'm not sure about the LED notification. . . I have mine enabled for everything.
    02-13-14 11:19 AM
  3. coastie's Avatar

    Thanks for responding. It's I didn't look in the settings to put the device monitor in the drop down menu since it was just there after I updated mine a few weeks ago. I will investigate when she gets home from work. As for the LED, I could've have been mistaken as notifications about her email accounts were coming in too. The amount of power the LED uses is probably negligible anyway, I might as well enable it for everything too.

    02-13-14 01:17 PM

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