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    I have a friend with the z10 and I had yet to use the nfc feature before tonight. I didn't have his bbm pin so we enabled NFC. No need to scan a QR code or punch in a bbm pin just tap the back of the devices and it sends the contact immediately. Pretty cool feature, just thought I'd share that quick story. If you have any friends with z10's or q10 soon try it out.

    CB10- BlackBerry Z10
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    04-14-13 12:28 AM
  2. bertcella's Avatar
    Good for sending pictures also.

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    04-14-13 01:25 AM
  3. so crow's Avatar
    I will be sure to try this out when I can

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    04-14-13 02:31 AM
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    I need to work on my friends... I am one of the few former Apple die-hards who dumped iPhone for my very first BlackBerry last week, z10. (And now I'm more productive, go figure) Still running the apple ecosystem with a healthy mix of Google Cal and Contacts to balance integrations. (iCloud mysteriously doesn't sync contacts or calendars automatically to anything but apple devices.) Being device agnostic, or tilted toward Apple, I am surprised to find that for me BlackBerry is better for me. BlackBerry needs a comeback team, seriously, and NOW.

    I can't wait to set-up a few NFC tags in the office to increase productivity even more.
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    04-14-13 02:51 AM

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