1. pels_17's Avatar
    Anybody having this problem, the lag? This only happens to new BBM messages (unread), the read ones opens fast.

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-13 07:42 PM
  2. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    Was happening to my texts but not anymore

    Posted via BlackBerry 10
    04-14-13 07:43 PM
  3. pels_17's Avatar
    My text message opens fast (thank God), my BBM lags.

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-13 07:51 PM
  4. pels_17's Avatar
    I guess a thread will get more responses if someone will title it "i will return my Z10".
    04-15-13 07:48 AM
  5. Whyareallthegoodnamestaken's Avatar
    Direct BBM messages are fine for me. It's the BBM group messages that lag horribly. Also group member counter doesn't shower the right number and it takes ages for the group to show up when I hit the BBM groups option after pressing share.
    04-15-13 08:33 AM
  6. TimJohnSmith's Avatar
    Sorry for your BBM issue. Perhaps people aren't responding because the issue hasn't affected them? Instead of filling this thread with useless suggestions they are leaving it to people who have had the problem and have rectified it?

    So obvious suggestions: check for an update both on BlackBerry World and through the settings for the device. Try a complete shutdown and restart it.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10
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    04-15-13 08:44 AM
  7. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    This is what happens to me:
    Group chats take up to 6 minutes to populate.
    Member lists in groups are empty.

    Seems to be BBM slipping out of sync.

    I did a device wipe and fresh reinstall through BlackBerry Link.
    The problem seems compounded by Neatly which I haven't reinstalled.
    Have tweeted T.A McCann and emailed Alex Kinsella.
    04-15-13 01:38 PM
  8. toutounjiomar's Avatar
    BBM Chats should open way faster!

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 01:44 PM
  9. magsasaka's Avatar
    Happens to me for bbm group. I found a work around for this, I just let the bbm app on the active frame. Never closed it.

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 01:47 PM
  10. mscooley's Avatar
    Saving chat history may cause this too.

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 01:57 PM
  11. magsasaka's Avatar
    Saving chat history may cause this too.

    Posted via CB10
    I believe so too. Before I noticed my bbm group is acting weird, my chat history was set to 30 days I think. Just think of it pulling 30 days of chat message and profile pictures

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 02:17 PM
  12. pels_17's Avatar
    I isolated the problem, it seems like the delay only happens in the BBM group message only, there's no lag for the BBM individual message. Thank for the suggestions, I did the restart, deleted the old messages, and even the battery pull but the lag is still there for the BBM group. I guess we just need to wait for an OS update.

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 03:37 PM
  13. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Saving chat history may cause this too.

    Posted via CB10
    I don't save chat history.

    Posted via CB10
    04-17-13 09:34 AM
  14. maxell's Avatar
    BBM group takes 30 seconds up to 1 minutes to populate.
    Hoping upcoming OS 10.1 will fix it

    Posted by Z10 via CB10
    04-20-13 08:43 AM
  15. lexsteryo's Avatar
    Same issue with group chat with me

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-13 09:02 AM
  16. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    A minute? One group chat didn't populate for an hour.

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-13 09:06 AM
  17. jdr1000's Avatar
    Single BBM takes some time to be marked as sent. It stays on for minutes without the d mark.

    Then on groups I get two issues. First is the order of my chat is not right. People answer and my answer to theirs appears on top of their response.

    Another issue in groups is that I do not get notified of picture posts or updates on members sharing a picture on the group. I only see this if I go directly to the group open it and then get to see there is the red mark on the picture box.


    Posted via CB10
    04-23-13 09:50 PM

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