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    I love my z10 and will keep it till it dies!! I thought it would be nice to use a wireless charger since my charging port is getting a little wonky (I plug it in every single night). So, anyone know if a wireless charger will work, and if so, exactly which type? Until I looked yesterday, I didn't realize there were different types.

    And, what about my playbook? Can I use a wireless charger on it? I have the quick charging dock, but I'm tired of taking the case off everytime I need to use it. I think wireless would be the best solution for both since my port on my PB is almost unusable.
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    09-19-17 01:36 PM
  2. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    No built-in wireless charging, but you can modify it:
    09-19-17 01:45 PM
  3. garfers's Avatar
    Thanks johnny_bravo72 but I don't follow that video...makes no sense to me at all. I guess I'll wait until I have lots of time to scroll through all the posts to see if I can understand any of it. I was hoping someone would answer "Yes, get this type and it will work for your z10" and I can be on my way. I'm not interested in comments or experiments. Thanks for the link.
    09-19-17 03:09 PM

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