05-30-13 10:10 AM
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    Nope. In fact, just the opposite.
    Nope - actually, it is you who are wrong and he who is right. Less than 850 ma output and the OP could have an issue with charging during heavy streaming/ downloading, especially if all 4 or 5 radios on the device happen to be on concurrently.

    5 radios being:

    1) Mobile
    2) WiFi
    3) NFC
    4) Bluetooth
    5) GPS

    @ the OP, get the 1.8 amp BB charger in the above link and just call it a day. It will charge much quicker and with the increase in available current and you will be charging while in navigation mode with GPS on, rather than draining the battery. I have it and would not go back to the older style BB charger.
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    05-27-13 11:52 PM
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    Edit ......
    05-27-13 11:53 PM
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    I'd recommend something at least over 1amp though for the in car charger, considering its uses. Also the fact that you want a quick top up in the car because you're not in there for hours (usually). The BlackBerry in car charger can be pricey maybe, but it gets the job done for any smartphone. I believe it even has a usb port (like the ones on the computer) as well so that you can plug in your iPhone. This charger is something like 1.8 -2 amps and you shall never need another in car charger again lol. Not until it breaks anyway, which should be in a while. If if you find an alternative somewhere for a lower price that still puts out a nice amperage, then that's great too. After all, electricity is just electricity!

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    05-28-13 09:36 AM
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    Ok. I'm looking at my car charger right now. It says DC 5V/1A. I'm guessing the 1A is the part I'm looking for??
    05-28-13 09:59 AM
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    Ok. I'm looking at my car charger right now. It says DC 5V/1A. I'm guessing the 1A is the part I'm looking for??
    And that's under output? If it is, then I'm quite surprised. Your battery must be draining faster than your charger, and that charger isn't a weak one either. Either that or there's another explanation, but it's hard to tell unless further testing is done, which is past the scope of this thread, at least for what I have in mind (I was an auto mechanic in my past life, curious how much the power outlet in the car outputs. They often go bad or tend to weaken, but you say your iPhone is fine with it so it's hard to tell ).

    There's also an app I and many others have called battery guru which shows exactly how much your battery draining and at what rate. Same for charging. It's $2.99 but I'm not going to ask you to purchase it.. it's quite unfair, though it does work as am excellent diagnostical device if used within its scope. It would be a good way to see at whay capacity the charger is actually working under, as well as exactly how much your battery is draining while using the gps.

    But let's focus on something you have at your disposal lol..

    You could try three things.

    1. Restart your iPhone before getting into the car, and put it on the car charger for 20 minutes. See how many percentage You gain. Then, do the same thing with a regular charger in your home on the iPhone, making sure you reboot it before hand so that you're sure both tests were under more or less the same conditions. Compare percentage gained in both tests. If the in car charger produced significantly lower percentage gain, it may be to blame.

    2. Try using the same in car charger with another car and see if you get similar results. If they are not similar, the car might be to blame.

    3. Use the gps on your z10 for 20 minutes without it being plugged in and charging. See how many percentage points you lose. If you lose more than 15%, it may be discharging at abnormally high rates.

    These 3 tests are just basic things to try, if you find they are worth your troubles.

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    05-28-13 11:54 AM
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    Good ideas.

    I've got battery guru already. Unfortunately, it was not running when I experienced the crazy drain using GPS. I will make sure I have it up next time. My battery, in general, was draining really fast yesterday for some reason so maybe it wasn't just the GPS? I let the battery die completely and today it seems to be normal. Not sure what the heck happened.
    05-28-13 12:48 PM
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    I use a 100w dc to ac converter in my truck that in picked up from Canadian tire for $25 and bring my PlayBook charger along for the ride. 1.8amps of goodness

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    05-30-13 01:29 AM
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    05-30-13 04:10 AM
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    In other news, apparently leaving your phone screen on max brightness while playing a 3D video game while playing a flash video while downloading a 100 gigabyte file over LTE while playing music drains your battery.

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    05-30-13 04:13 AM
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    I think in the end the charger just wasn't strong enough for the Z10. With the stock charger, battery guru shows 3.xW going in, but if you turn the screen on and use the phone, it's only around 2.2W. The charger you had is only a little stronger than the stock charger so maybe it would be high 2.xW with screen on, but the problem is that the Z10 can easily use a little over 3W when using gps and maps. This Is normal drain during intense gps, but in this case your drain might have been higher then the power being supplied to it.

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    05-30-13 09:45 AM
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    Lol. Hey, I'm a woman. I am on my gadgets a lot but not compared to my husband!
    Touch guilty myself

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    05-30-13 10:10 AM
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