04-24-13 10:41 PM
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    I don't think it's a hardware issue. My work email is abusing my precious, i'm getting hundreds of email per day, just from this account and i have couple of private accounts that are seeing some action too. I think hub could be restarted some time...
    It has nothing to do with email. My phone goes black and i know its on because when i press the power button it gives me the option to power off or restart but theres no way to open the screen without restarting the phone.

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    03-06-13 01:14 PM
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    I believe it has nothing to do with email or holster as I am getting a similar problem without using either. Listening to music or just randomly using the Z10 and screen goes blank. When I hold the top button for a second or two, the turn off phone countdown screen shows up but I still cannot use the phone unless I restart. Music continues to play, messages and everything works hut can't use the screen other than the countdown. Found no fix yet.
    I have experienced similar issues after installing latest update but then I did a wipe and haven't had that issue again.

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    03-06-13 01:44 PM
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    After activating my wife's nice new white Z10, she still had no wireless service.
    It took a hard reset to start 'er up properly.

    Hold down the top button. Ignore the screen completely as it counts down, offers a restart, turns black, etc. Keep holding it down until red light comes followed by blue logo startup screen appearing.

    Go for it. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes' time.

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    03-07-13 12:46 AM
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    Did any of you tried to reload the software?
    If yes, did it help?
    I'm researching about downgrading from current OS version to the factory version number. I put the leaked version before official update and may be this caused the problem.
    Anybody's thinking the same as me?
    If you do want to go this route, no need to downgrade first. Attach to PC and start Link. Make a just-in-case backup.
    Then within Link is an option to reload device software. This will wipe device and load most current OS.
    You would lose any sideloaded apps if you have any, but everything else should survive the process.

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    03-07-13 12:58 AM
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    When I tried to reload OS from BlackBerry link it gave me the message that there is no updated OS to reload. I am on the leaked version of and trying to go back to the original T-Mobile OS Version. The reason being that the Hub now is not accessible anymore and only give a black screen. Need to know a practical way of downgrading to original version, so please reply with detail steps and not general advice
    04-24-13 10:41 PM
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