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    Long story but I will try and keep it brief. Been on Crackberry many times, learned lots, never really posted, never really had any issues, never sideloaded, had lots of BBs all trouble free. I appreciate all the help and those that chip in. Read all the hype about apps and it made me feel I needed more. Got 10.2.1 and I now have 2 from 1mobile, hmmm.

    Anyway, my story goes like this. I put together a new powerpoint for a 3 hour presentation/training session and finished it the day I left (kind of last minute) never really practiced it. I back up in the cloud as well as on my Z10 (64gb card). I figured I had time on my 5 hour flight and 4-5 hours when I arrived the night before. It was a 2 drive to the airport. I got there and when I went to get my suitcase and laptop, no laptop, I couldnít believe it, what a horrible feeling, I left it at the office (memory stick backups as well, Iím kinda anal about backup). All I could think about was you *****, what happened to your check list. Man, what a !!!! up. No time to go back and get it. So, I think maybe I will buy a new laptop when I get there, but what about powerpoint, didnít want to buy that too, and then go through the whole laptop setup thing and software install, been there, done that (sorry about the old clichť). Ah haa, itís on my trusty (got it first day they came out last year) Z10. Documents to go is marvelous, you can view edit and practice which is what I did on my flight, it even does my animations. Way too cool. Now Iím feeling better. Arrived at my destination and thought, why donít I call the client and see if I can use his laptop, he says, no problem, even has powerpoint 2010 (I had embedded videos so this was critical). So, you can probably guess, I connected by USB to his laptop, set Z10 for mass storage and voila, didnít skip a beat. My Z10 saved my bacon.

    In my family between wife, 2 daughters, son in law and grandson we have 3 ĖZ10s, 2 Ė Z30s, 4 32gb playbooks, and a galaxy tablet as well as an ipad (not mine, my grandsons, he is only 4 but apps are more important for him I guess). Now I want the Z30, canít put my wifeís down. Sorry, long story but I really had to share this one.

    Blackberry forever!
    02-23-14 09:22 AM
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    I had a similar "bacon saving" experience: a visit to an employment lawyer and I didn't think to have any documents like contracts etc. with me (I was just going to ask general questions) so when I arrived at the lawyers office, I used Remote File Access to pull down all the files and was out of there in under an hour, and the lawyer was able to review all the documents and give me great advice.
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    02-23-14 09:32 AM

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