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    DISCLAIMER: This is a punch list for Z10 and BlackBerry 10 overall. This is NOT a complaining/whining thread of yet another one-time poster bashing BlackBerry. All I have ever owned is BlackBerry and I am 150% loyal to the brand. I make my complaints public not for attention from other users, but hopefully for attention by people at BBRY. Even if they implement none of this ever I still am a CrackBerry addict...need I say more? You get it...I'm not here to whine.

    I have divided my issues with the Z10 software into three domains for clarity and simplicity:

    1. Lack of horizontal support among default apps and now third party apps.

    This is a major issue especially considering this is supposed to be a "Mobile Computing Platform" rather than just another phone OS. Home screen that can't go sideways? I want to make a call on the road and the device is mounted horizontally for maps and the phone is now the wrong orientation? Come on, those are problems of "just another phone OS". Well, except for the Maps...BlackBerry really made a mistake with vertical only maps.

    The reality is there is no real reason to orientation restrict ANYTHING. It just causes frustration and forces a user to adapt to technology when technology should always adapt to them. Believe me, I'm a special education major and I work with assistive technology for those with disabilities--you match the technology to the person, not the other way around.

    I brainstormed, and the only things I could come up with that made sense to restrict orientation for were:
    (a) Widescreen video games - horizontal
    (b) Video camera - horizontal
    And lastly this special case...
    (c) Phone - Allow both orientations but when turned horizontally, force speakerphone on.

    Can anyone think of anything else that absolutely should be forced one way over the other? :-/

    2. Multitasking on the Z10 is a rocket filled with fuel ready to launch and rise millions of miles above the competition. But it won't launch until:

    *Active frames and peek are landscape supported
    *Up to 16 active frames are supported at once (Honestly more to shut elitest people up)
    *Invent a gesture to swipe and see headless apps running if they don't need an active frame. (How about on the active frame screen swipe from the center down to the BlackBerry logo)

    And then eventually...
    *Active frames become interactive frames (thanks Kevin)
    *Active frames are pinnable to the top but on the same screen. Pinning a frame prevents closing accidentally and causes app to run on startup maybe? I like the swiping down for more frames though and do it often. (Sorry, Kevin.) :-)

    And then in the real long term hopefully...
    *True split screen multitasking support more centered for the PlayBook though. Maybe done by pressing and holding on two interactive frames at once. Oh and for this, horizontal would probably be the way to go as vertically splitting would be weird.

    3. WAIT! Just because we're mostly happy to be off of OS 7.1 doesn't mean you didn't leave anything important behind...

    *Device analzer
    *Diagnostic network tools, device test, etc.
    *LED coverage indicator (Why? Don't ask me why I just want it back, darn it!)
    *Recent contacts for email addresses not in contacts
    *Contact groups (Labels are gone and that's fine with the way Remember works, I'm talking about actual groups of contacts you could make for email distribution lists...very handy feature!)
    *Enhanced email experience aka Enhanced Gmail Support. This should be reintroduced and expanded for Outlook. Com mail which also has an archive function. Currently for Gmail deleting archives, but BlackBerry seems to be calling this a bug. Shouldn't be deleting when you can archive though. Ideally the option for both should be there, and flagging does star but it doesn't always sync perfectly. Gmail Labels need to be addressed better.
    *Email syncing at time is rough around the edges. Fix this fast since BlackBerry is made for email, right?! Gmail webmail doesn't always sync that I have read the messages. My college email required more settings to be input than BIS did but granted it is push now, instead of a delay on legacy BlackBerry. It did have a glitch where it would not connect to the server when I had sync all folders enabled.
    *Notifications. You know honestly I like the way they simplified it as I always found it overwhelming and I really thought BlackBerry 10 brought a good balance e between customization without bombardment of options; but nevertheless the people have spoken and they want their old settings back. At the very least LED color should be reintroduced, along with maybe vibration differentiation. The one request I would have is if sound profiles are going to be restored to the overwhelming way they were and each one will have its own completely separate settings (whereas currently in BB10 only the core settings chance the apply to how you have it set), then I would want the ability to delete profiles so I could only have the three core ones...vibrate only, all alerts off, and normal.

    So rather than make this already long post even longer with a conclusion that restates my thesis and all that jazz I will stop typing even though it is so fun and easy on the Z10 and just say this...

    I am not worried.

    I am not worried that BlackBerry won't continue to improve. Heck, this is a brand new platform. Can't stress that enough it seems. I'm thankful that there are no significant usage impeding bugs or freezes and the only issues I have is functionality expansion requests. I am impressed dailly by how stable and lovely this phone is. And the browser? Heck. Where BlackBerry once dragged behind they crouched down and leaped far ahead.

    It is like Thorsten said, "This is not the finish line. This is the start." He has quickly become one of my favorite leaders in the tech industry.

    Please feel free to add your own concerns or items to the list and/or comment or ask questions or +1. Or disagree with me. (LOL)

    Cheers and remember...keep moving!

    04-19-13 10:21 PM
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    Sorry...This got kinda buried alive shortly after I posted it.

    Just wanted to make sure it got some sunlight.


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    04-20-13 12:20 PM
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    04-21-13 03:48 PM
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    It didn't get buried alive as you can see you did get 250+ views. Bumping the thread isn't really that good of a thing to do. If your points or thread needed a reply it will get a reply.

    I do agree with the feature to be able to pin an active frame. And also be able to see which frames are pinned with a simple gesture.

    /just saying
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    04-21-13 04:28 PM
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    I actually totally forgot about views as I am using the CrackBerry 10 app which doesn't seem to show views unless I'm missing something.

    I really did battle myself on whether or not to bump it as it seems childish to do...I get it it...I just want higher ups here to see it so hopefully BlackBerry sees it.

    04-21-13 04:35 PM
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    You might just get better views if you used BlackBerry's own forum. People say that the BBRY forum is just a ghost town but I'm pretty sure it gets more views by BBRY than any fan site.

    Posted via CB with my BB10 Z10
    04-21-13 04:51 PM
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    I was hoping Kevin would see it too. And Adam. And Blaze.


    04-21-13 05:02 PM

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