12-11-13 10:02 AM
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  1. tb146's Avatar
    You've tried reloading the software using the NEWEST available download of blackberry link? If it's flashing like that you should have no problem reloading not restoring.

    Posted via the Batcave
    Yes i have reloading with BB Link 1.1.1 the result :
    When it shows loading software, the green led is blinking and then off after 10-15 seconds. And nothing happen.

    The Blinking start to over 1-3-2
    08-08-13 05:48 AM
  2. FatihSelcuk's Avatar
    i got same problem in my z10,, i tried mmany thing and searched all the knowladges but nohing usefull ,, it was new and i coul duse just 8 days and i sent it back to my servise , they told me that they are chainging maincard. but i did not want that .i forced them to send me a new z10 or my Money back..dont waste your time. send it to ur servise back
    12-11-13 10:02 AM
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