1. Salameh89's Avatar
    Took almost three days, but I finally got my email confirmation
    Tracked it with FedEx, should arrive tomorrow. Can't wait!!
    12-04-13 11:54 PM
  2. Zam Z10's Avatar
    set some time aside, you're gonna love playing around with your new toy

    12-05-13 12:14 AM
  3. Unbiased Tech's Avatar
    Nice! Do you plan on installing the newest leak on there?

    Posted via CB10
    12-05-13 03:29 AM
  4. syorksdeano's Avatar
    You definitely need to set some time aside to play with your new toy.

    Even though I had a long play with one before I bought mine, it's not the same

    Posted via CB10
    12-05-13 03:32 AM
  5. Clifdenhill's Avatar
    Mine shipped to!! It's on thee way!!!!
    12-05-13 04:09 AM
  6. LudwigvonKast's Avatar
    Lucky you! I ordered mine on Nov.29 and I 'm still waiting for any news...
    12-05-13 05:07 AM
  7. Salameh89's Avatar
    Looking forward to it
    12-05-13 10:04 AM
  8. CBtx's Avatar
    Lucky you! I ordered mine on Nov.29 and I 'm still waiting for any news...
    Last edited by CBtx; 12-05-13 at 10:44 AM. Reason: Added quoted text
    12-05-13 10:42 AM
  9. tonytraj17's Avatar
    Maybe you might be lucky enough to load a brand new 10.2.1 leak OS when you get it friday, who knows? BerryLeaks has been fairly calm.
    12-05-13 10:51 AM
  10. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    Nice to see more people getting a Z10.....its by far my most favorite phone I have ever owned, and i've stated multiple times i've had iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, a couple Android devices and now i'm on my Z10....it truly is the best phone out there....I've noticed alot of PROGRESSION on software updates. It's not like my partner's iPhone 3GS that came with 3.0 and running pretty good on it..then iOS 4 came out and added features, but slowed the phone down a little...then iOS 5 came out and slowed it down a good bit.....now its got iOS 6 on it...its slow as hell...and the ONLY reason iOS 6 is on it is to make more apps compatible with it....even then it don't want to run a good bit of apps due to lack of iOS 7, or the gyroscope or front facing camera.....its BS....I like how Blackberry does it...new features and software performance boost....i'm getting over 1800 on GeekBench which is higher than the iPhone 5......(I know Benchmark/GeekBench isn't a true test of power, but its a rough estimate)
    12-05-13 11:02 AM
  11. onlyoneromeo's Avatar
    Mine should be here today. I. Ordered mine on 12/1

    12-06-13 05:43 AM
  12. kdna's Avatar
    The interface on Z10 is really awesome to use daily.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-13 02:00 PM
  13. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Be sure to post a picture here of you with the new Z10. I have had mine since April, and I still love it!
    12-06-13 02:33 PM
  14. bluegreen1965's Avatar
    Congratulations! Don't be afraid of getting leaked OS versions. They are a vast improvement over the stock OS, and there are clear instructions in the forums for accomplishing this smoothly. Have fun with it!
    12-06-13 02:36 PM
  15. jt8493's Avatar
    I ordered a z10 on Black Friday. Still waiting for it to ship! WTF? No status update or anything.
    12-06-13 03:34 PM
  16. EastCoastBB's Avatar
    I'm still waiting but no panic yet, got another week before I move. If I hear nothing by Tuesday I'll be a customer service nightmare.

    Not faulting BlackBerry for this but Digital River, outsourcing should be done with focus on customers and not the bottom line. Order front Crackberry here in the US and was impressed with the service.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-13 04:23 PM
  17. jt8493's Avatar
    I called and was told that orders should be filled by the 13th. Two weeks just to ship is nuts. I thought they had thousands of these just sitting around?? On a possible good note for BB, the rep I spoke with said they were waiting on more from the manufacturer. I wonder how many they sold during the promotion?
    12-06-13 05:26 PM

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