1. soyMisael's Avatar
    My Facebook Disappeared-img_20140126_121109.png
    My Facebook Disappeared-img_20140126_121135.png

    Posted via my BATBerry Z10
    01-26-14 10:14 AM
  2. soyMisael's Avatar
    I just downloaded last night the new legends leak. Awesome. My first leak download on my Z10 AT&T. Working great. Except for my Facebook. I've uninstalled from app world and deleted as well. Rebooted few times. No success. Any suggestions??

    Posted via my BATBerry Z10
    01-26-14 10:15 AM
  3. cupid4ig's Avatar
    Try and refresh the app world and try and download again

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 01:55 PM
  4. mohawk apple's Avatar
    download the android version untill bb updates the Facebook app, lot better then the native FB!
    01-26-14 02:02 PM
  5. soyMisael's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Will do the first with app world if not then I'll just download the android one via snap. Just liked the hub notifications. Not sure if the android version has that. But will do till a fix. Gotta admit tho besides that the new is just awesome.

    Posted via my BATBerry Z10
    01-26-14 04:09 PM
  6. soyMisael's Avatar
    Re downloaded is again. Problems solved. Thanks for all the help guys.

    Posted via my BATBerry Z10
    01-26-14 11:18 PM

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