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    Since I updated my phone, my camera is not opening. What should I do?? I do a restart and it opens for a while and then the same happens and appear. Any clue about this issue?? Plzz help

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    01-29-14 02:09 PM
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    Switch off your phone and pull the battery out for a few minutes. Put it back in and let the phone start normallly.

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    01-29-14 07:03 PM
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    I discover what is causing this, its a problem with the sd card, i read that a way to fix it is cleaning all your sd card but if you want you can copy all the files of your sd card and pasting it on other location.

    Another way for solving this is restarting your phone, when the camera starts pull down the options and put off in the option of saving the photos on your sd card, then sideload a camera bar file from the 1925 thread and there you go! This is the one that i am currently using.

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    01-29-14 07:12 PM

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